Sports Video - Highlight Reel

Over the years billions of dollars is given out to athletes in scholarships and financial aid and far too often talented athletes may never be noticed by coaches and scouts. But how do you go about promoting yourself to prospective colleges?

We can give you the advantage by creating a Recruiting Highlight Video that gets results. Using our professional studio with state of the art equipment, broadcast quality cameras and our expertise we will create a personal highlight reel that will get you noticed.

Because the first impression is crucial we have developed a unique way to produce your highlight video along with the personalized cover and matching DVD disc design, you will stand out.

We will video tape the games that you think are the most important using Broadcast grade cameras that yields excellent picture quality. Our experience in selecting position and video taping games will insure you professional results. We can also include your own footage.
See our demo video for reference below.

Highlights Sports Video Samples
Notice the interview portion at the begining of the videos.

Soccer Highlight Video

Soccer Highlight Video

Soccer Highlight Video including some own footage.

Hicky Highlight Video

Valleyball Highlight Video

Additional Services

Personalized opening with your name and the name of your school you are playing for.

Next we include your statistics and personal information along with your e-mail and phone number.

The personal interview is where you introduce yourself. It is powerful and very effective because they see you up close and in your own words you will tell them about your strengths, your actions to improve yourself, your hopes and inspirations and why you want to join their school. It will give them the opportunity to see your personality and evaluate your character.

Highlight Video:
We will then include your highlight video segments of your best performances edited with special effects, inserting arrows so they can see you immediately among the players and superimpose informative notes when necessary. Additional secondary information can be added at the end.

DVD Cover and Label:
We custom design and print DVD covers and matching DVD labels. All our designs are fully personalized. On the DVD cover we include your Personal Information and statistics.

Personal Web page:
Convert the highlight video to be used on the internet and YouTube or a complimentary web page with your stats and your highlight video for one year.

We can't guarantee 100% success in getting a scholarship but with our professional equipment experience and creative ideas we definitely can make a difference..

Do you need film on a specific recruit and you can't seem to find it? Have JKM Productions film a game for you.

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